Julius Peppers // Derrick’s Story

Derrick Buchanan and his family were displaced by Hurricane Florence. Julius Peppers heard the 12-year-old's story and stepped in. One of my friends, Austin Gaines, works for the Carolina Panthers as one of their lead videographers and called me one night in December 2018. Austin explained Derrick’s story to me and that Julius Peppers wanted to step in and help Derrick and his family. After hearing about the situation, I knew that this was a project I wanted to be a part of. The following morning, I drove down to the NC coast to help Austin as an Assistant Director and Camera Operator. Following Derrick for the day was rewarding and truly a great experience.


hurricane Florence

Derrick and his family were displaced after Hurricane Florence struck the NC coast back in September of 2018. After weeks of school being closed, Derrick’s family faced a tough situation when school reopened and their home was still in pieces. To learn more about Derrick’s complete story, read more here.